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Top 10 Best Lead Generation Software to Get More Leads

If you have been in the marketing biz for some time, you would know how tough it is to generate new leads for your sales pipeline. It is not always straightforward with the leads. We have to be careful about how we interact with them because our business revenue directly depends on it. But luckily, there are many tools that help us interact better with the leads. Almost every successful company leverages modern software for quality lead generation.

In this blog, we will list some of the best lead generation software that you can use for your business. Obviously, not every software will suit every business. So, go through the list of software and test them out before applying them. But before we start listing them, let us cover some basics.

Must-have features of lead generation software

Due to the advent of digital marketing, there are plenty of providers online for software of this kind. But, how do you filter from the plethora of options? You look for the following features. And also carefully go through the reviews online to ensure that the features match the user reviews.

  1. Ease of use: You integrate a software solution to make your lead generation process easier. So, it is important that you choose one that is easy to use and one that has a simple learning curve.
  2. Reports and analytics: Reports play a vital role in optimising your lead generation strategy. So it is important that the software you choose has tools to perform useful analytics.
  3. Automation: Do not opt for software that doesn’t have automation. Almost every best lead generation software has automation tools nowadays. They greatly reduce the time you take to perform routine tasks. It also streamlines the workflow to boost your lead generation efficiency. One of the best things that came out of automation is the ability to leverage user information for personalisation. So do not miss out.
  4. Integrations: The software you select must be able to integrate easily with third-party applications. For example, you need to transfer your lead data to CRM software for safekeeping and further sales operations. You cannot spend time manually transferring the data from one application to another. Remember, the software you select must save time and not add more responsibilities.
  5. SEO: SEO is one of the most primary functions that significantly improve lead generation. The software you select for your business must have search engine optimisation tools to know the effectiveness of lead generation campaigns.

Now that you know what to look for in lead generation software, let us move on to the important section of our blog.

Best Lead Generation Software

Source: PeppyBiz

What makes one software solution better than the other? Well, it depends entirely on your requirements. If you need a tool entirely for website visitor tracking, then the software that offers that feature is the best for you. So, let us dive in with open minds into the curated list of the best lead generation software.

1. PeppyBiz:

PeppyBiz is truly an all-in-one package when it comes to lead generation. Our software has all the essential features listed above and more. You get attractive ready-to-use templates that generate more high-quality leads than any other platform. You can customise your lead forms to work on various platforms using our software.

Also, all the lead forms you create using our tool are GDPR-compliant and create a sense of trust among the leads signing up with you. With enhanced SSL encryption and workflow automation, our tool suits best for businesses ranging from small to enterprise levels.

2. NotifyVisitors:

NotifyVisitors offers a customer engagement software that focuses on improving the lead journey through personalisation. You can use this tool as a combined platform for lead generation and CRM. Like PeppyBiz, this software also offers attractive lead form creation tools. Moreover, all the lead forms you create here are mobile-friendly.  

If you are into exit-intent pop-ups, this tool will do wonders for your lead generation. It has a dedicated tool to analyse the activity of a site visitor and give them one last nudge to convert them into a lead. Another interesting feature of this software is its ability to integrate with almost all popular e-commerce websites.

3. HubSpot:

HubSpot is popular for its marketing platform. It combines almost every tool needed to run your business under one platform. So, you also get lead generation tools along with everything else. Just like any other best lead generation software, you can create lead forms, integrate live chats, and other lead collection methods. Many recommend it for its landing page creation tool. But the only drawback is the prices, which is quite high for small businesses to consider.

4. OptinMonster:

If you need a dedicated software solution for creating pop-ups and opt-ins, look no further. OptinMonster has the right amount of tools to get you started with creating impressive lead forms and non-intrusive pop-ups. However, you need to perform some initial optimisation to avoid bombarding your visitors with tonnes of pop-ups.

5. Leadfeeder:

Want to generate more leads from your website traffic? Then you can make use of Leadfeeder to uncover the identity of your website visitors. It is good for B2B marketers trying to get information about the companies that visited their website. Also, it helps you figure out what your visitor wants. Thus helping you provide custom content when they do reach out to you.

6. Intercom:

Follow-up emails are one of the important features of the best lead generation software. And Intercom specialises in follow-up emails and live chat tools. It is not a dedicated software for lead generation, but widely popular for its automation features.

7. SeedProd:

SeedProd is one of the best landing page creation tools. Creating a high-converting landing page is important for quality lead generation. They have a visual landing page builder that makes it easy for even inexperienced marketers to create effective landing pages. Plus, there are hundreds of free templates that you can readily use to create and launch a landing page.

8. Constant Contact:

When you employ a new software, you need to make sure that you receive appropriate support from their team. It is one of the essential qualifying factors to be the best lead generation software. Constant Contact does an exceptional job at that by providing online support, extensive training materials, and a thriving online community to help you. Also, it is one of the most affordable tools for lead generation through email marketing.

9. AeroLeads:

AeroLeads is undoubtedly a good tool for collecting the email addresses of potential customers. Using its Chrome extension, you can collect the sales leads who match your buyer persona. The software also impresses us by readily creating a CSV file to transfer data over to your existing CRM software.


Anyone can collect emails, but you need to verify that it is the right email. helps you in that area. It has powerful automation features to help you connect the marketing and the sales team. Additionally, they also offer a mobile app to keep you connected with your leads.


To sum up, every tool has unique specialities that add value to your lead generation process. Choosing the best lead generation software can be a little confusing at first. But when you prepare a list of problems that you need to solve with the application of the software, it becomes rather easy for you to narrow down your options. Also, try the free version of every software before you select one for your business.

Guest Author Bio: Sara Williams is a content writer at PeppyBiz, a platform that provides lead generation software through which companies can stimulate and capture customer’s interest in their product or service. 

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