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The importance of client feedback to the website designing process

Client feedback is the most important part of any sort of business because it’s your clients who are ultimately responsible for the good going of any business. It’s them who decide whether your product from all the other products in the market is worth buying and using.

Feedback must be served at the highest priority level. Their feedback will not only let the company or the firm know about what opinions your client holds, but also help them subdue the problems and present it in a much better way to keep their client’s satisfaction level at a peak.

Likewise, in the website designing process, the client feedback is solely important as in any other field or purpose. The client’s feedback will let you upgrade the faults that were occurring before and from there you can work on those mistakes and re-design it with better configuration and updates.

Benefits of Client’s feedback

1.Different perspectives – Through the client’s feedback, you can get different perspectives of different clients which will help you in gathering different outlooks as per the needs of the client. These perspectives will help you in designing new and different formats for all forms and categories of clients on your website.

2. Trust – Your client’s feedback will let you know how much they trust you or your product and services. The more trust they gain from your product or services, the more profitable your business gets. Feedbacks are one of the ways to gain your client’s trust.

3. Expectation  – Feedback helps you figure out the amount of expectations need to cover for your clients being where you are. It gives you the potential to keep on growing on their terms which ultimately increases the probability of them being connected to your services for a longer-term.

4. Reliability – Every feedback you get helps you better understand how reliable your website is. You get to understand where to stay consistent and help the client trust in your web development services with minimal issues during user experience.

5. Good relationship – If you attend your client’s feedback from time to time and work on their complaints and advice, then the relationship status between you and your client becomes good, which builds up with time for a long-term business. These relations can only be maintained well by responding to your client’s feedback and meeting them halfway.

6. Improves client’s experience – Feedback helps in improving your client’s experience as they get the freedom to put their opinion on the product. These judgments are made out of their experiences, so when you read out this feedback you get an opportunity to improve your client’s experience. This results in good cooperation and confidence to you of your client as their feedback is being taken care of properly and provided with good results.

Medium or tools for gathering client feedback

  1. ZipboardThe most effective tool for getting real-time client feedback, Zipboard gives clients the option to collaborate in any project and provide real-time feedback within the project. It uses various mark-up tools to point out specific work areas and pin it with comments which would immediately be notified to the team members within the project. This gives website developers and designers the flexibility to track down feedbacks of the clients visually, and carry the development cycle accordingly as per the needs of the clients.
  1.  Social Media – Social media is yet another way of gathering feedback. It is the easiest, simplest, and most reachable way. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram are top on the list of acquiring feedback through social media. 

An example of this is LinkedIn, a job-finding platform but it also works as a discussion platform throughout. One can easily reach out and clear their query professionally through LinkedIn. The only process is to have a LinkedIn ID and then your doors to doubt clearing/gathering feedback will be wide opened. 

  1.  Website – There are many websites around the internet where you can give your feedback in the form of comments. You can simply scroll down to the web page where you will find a comment box and that’s where feedback is gathered for the website. 
  1.  Webforms – Web forms are the primary practice for gathering feedback. Google forms are the most used platform among all other forms. Apart from Google forms, there are Microsoft forms, and form builders like FormKeep. Giving feedback through forms can be made easy if you provide a simple way to fill forms, with the targeted audience or clients in mind.

  1.  Emails – Emails are the oldest form of gathering feedback in the internet world. The very first way of gathering feedback was through email. You only have to find the email address of the particular person and then can directly request feedback to the desired prospect.


  1. Surveys – Surveys are quite a popular way to take feedback. As another type of form, through surveys, one can gather abstract opinions about the product or services that you are offering. But, the only disadvantage of surveys is one cannot write an appropriate opinion, and instead only select the options that are made visible. Still, it is recommended to be one of the easiest ways to gather feedback, especially if made right. 

There is importance in client feedback. We understand the need for it and why it is necessary. With this in mind, you’ll need to know different platforms where clients can write their feedback for better convenience. Client feedback is important, as it improves the user experience, and helps you know how to let your website better cater to your prospects and clients.

Guest author bio: Abhishek Paul is a Digital Marketer at Zipboard, a Visual Bug Tracking Tool He believes in a quote, “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”.