FormKeep EduLog #3: (Email)Campaigning with FormKeep

Using FormKeep’s native Email Campaign function to perform seamless outreach

So, you have your web form and you’ve thoroughly protected it from spam. You think that now you’ve time to rest: The customers will come flooding in and they’ll stay engaged. I hate to break it to you, but we’re only just getting started. This week we’re covering FormKeep’s newest feature: email campaigns.

Back to our trusty Veterinary Group example. With a simple form in place, they now have a one-direction customer relationship established now that the Contact Form is online. However, they have no way to proactively reach out to their customers, and instead have to wait for them to contact the VG. Enter the FormKeep email campaign.

The email campaign service industry is saturated with plenty of companies. Mailchimp, Moosend, Constant Contact and Drip are nice products; however, they all lack one important thing: native web forms. FormKeep is a 2-in-1 solution. Your source for webforms is also your source for email campaigns. This means there are no finicky integrations, double subscriptions, or multiple dashboards. With the addition of email campaigns, FormKeep is faster, cheaper, and less prone to failure.

So, how do you get started?

It’s simple. First,we have to get some compliance out of the way. Go ahead and click on the “Email Campaigns” tab, and then click the hyperlink in the banner telling you that you need to provide a physical address.

Regulations require a number of things to be present in the footer of marketing emails, including an address. Once you’ve filled this out and saved it, FormKeep complies with all of the other requirements for you.

Also note that to use the email campaign feature of FormKeep, you need to have a suitable subscription plan.

Once you’re all set up with a marketing subscription (Which is just $0.0011 per email!), click back onto the “Campaigns” tab on the right and click the button to create a new email.

Now you’ll need a FormKeep-verified email address to send from, so go ahead and verify one now by clicking on the blut hyperlink if you haven’t already done so.

Back at the “New Email” page and now with a verified email address, fill out the required fields to your specifications and save!

You can get very advanced with this. From a simple text-based email to a fancy Apple-tier, image-laden masterpiece, FormKeep can support it. The in-house documentation for email formatting can be found here, and here’s a great 3rd-party guide as well.

Once you’ve saved your first email, click on the settings tab and click the button to begin contact collection and to import stored contacts. This will add all of the emails your web forms have generated thus far to the contact list for your email campaigns.

Now we’re going to send a test email. Click back on “Campaigns” and then on your saved email, and finally on the “Edit” button.

Scroll to the bottom and in the bottom field type your email or any of your contacts’ emails to send a test message to. Click save and send and check the related inbox!

This is as simple a test message as possible, and it only gets fancier and more sophisticated from here. Here’s a version written in HTML instead of plain text:

So here it is, delivered in seconds, cleanly and simply, for just a thousandth of a cent. 

Also, did I mention we have analytics?? Click on the “Reports” tab for all the stats you could ever need!

You can also send single emails, filter contacts, and enable segments, all of which can be found in the knowledgebase. And if you’re ever stumped, shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Email Campaign Enlightenment

That brings us to the end of the third EduLog! I hope that the eyes of FormKeep pros and newbies alike have been opened to the wonders of our Email Campaign feature. It can be as powerful as you want it to be, but it will always be as simple as pie. So far on this journey towards ultimate web form enlightenment we have set up a contact form, hardened it against spam, and now we’ve learned how to use the data we generated to proactively reach out to our customers via email. We’re one week closer to mastery. See you next monday!

Be sure to check out next week’s EduLog where we’ll be covering FormKeep’s 3rd-party integrations!