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7 Powerful Ways to Use Customer Feedback Forms to Your Advantage

If you want to grow your business, you should start listening to what your customers have to say. Customer feedback can help you make intelligent decisions about creating content, promoting products, and growing your offerings. It helps you identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses.  89% of respondents of a Microsoft survey say that they want […]


Best Survey Types: Practices and Examples

What makes a good survey? The goals of a good survey must be defined by the kind of survey it is; the subject matter of the survey, the audience it is targeted towards, and the information you are looking for are three places to start when framing the goals of your questionnaire. Most companies that […]


How to Nurture Leads and Customers in SaaS Business: A Data-Driven Guide

If there is one thing that SaaS businesses are in need of, it is more leads and customers that continue to purchase from them. However, due to stiff competition in every vertical and the availability of lots of options for buyers, it can be tough to do so. Nurturing leads and customers in the SaaS […]

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Top 10 FormKeep Integrately Apps

In an increasingly digitizing world, running a company requires more and more knowledge and use of technology and, specifically, online applications. While some may have the knack of using these gizmos to their advantage, many people find it difficult to keep track of everything. Such people usually require help using these apps, or something to […]

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Why and How You Should Set Up Personalized Emails for Your Forms

With more people doing online activities these days, there’s a big chance they’ve probably come across online forms when making online purchases, signing up for email lists, or even just giving feedback about a product or their most recent customer service experience. Online forms are commonplace on websites, landing pages, blogs, and it’s fun to […]

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12 Pre-Fill Tools You Can Use to Improve Form Conversions

Pre-fill is a quick and easy way to get users to want to fill out your forms, but here’s what you need to know.

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How To Make Users Want to Fill In Your Forms

Do your customers want to fill in your forms? Here’s the best way to capture their attention.

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5 Creative Ways to Use Forms to Improve Your UX

Make your forms stand out from the crowd using these clever and creative techniques.


Top 10 FormKeep Zapier Apps

Setting up workflows for a digitalized workspace should be easy. Running a company doesn’t stop at a business idea; Businesses require knowledge of various aspects of running a business, as well as the patience to learn how to do them all, before delegating different aspects to the right people. Sometimes, delegation must be done through […]

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FormKeep’s 5 Best Form Examples

Forms are essential to any website, landing page, or eCommerce store. Whether it’s to contact the business running the website, completing a survey, filling out a support form, listing details on a purchase, booking a reservation, or signing up for a newsletter — every minute detail of the form’s design is crucial for accommodating your […]