Introducing FormKeep Form Templates!

Connecting with your customers is the most important, especially when you need to know a lot about them — from personal information, service and product preferences, even honest feedback, you need an easy, organized and straightforward way to gather information from your website visitors, customers and leads!

We understand that forms might not be as simple, with the many possibilities, questions you should ask and the kinds of information you need to get from your audience. This is where FormKeep’s form templates come in!

Introducing 60+ new templates, FormKeep’s pre-designed online forms can be utilized by businesses from different industries to collect data in a simple yet effective way. You can check out booking forms, contact forms, sign-up forms, order forms, feedback forms, and survey forms to get the information you need for your business. 

Booking Forms

With FormKeep’s Booking Forms, bookings have never been this easy to make. You can accept appointments online and make sure no scheduling conflicts arise when your clients check for availability. With FormKeep’s booking form templates, it’s much easier to accept booking for webinars, consultations, online classes and consultation sessions.

Check out this awesome booking form for scheduling appointments!

Contact Forms

Providing a means for your customers and clients to reach out and contact your company is always a need. And FormKeep’s got you covered with its Contact Forms!

Whether it’s for collecting inquiries, requests for support, or suggestions, make it easy to fill out with FormKeep’s Contact Form templates! 

Check out this awesome Contact Us form template for your website!

Feedback Forms

Feedback is important for any kind of business in any kind of industry. Your customers telling you their experiences with your product, program, or service allows you to capitalize on what works and what needs to be improved.

Get your client feedback with FormKeep’s Feedback form templates!

Order Forms

Start taking orders online with FormKeep’s simple and easy-to-make templates! Perfect for eCommerce and delivery services, your clients can fill out and get order confirmations for your product and service.

Request Forms

Whether you’re requesting for quotes, project details, online information or travel information, FormKeep’s request form templates got the job for you!

Create beautiful, branded forms to gather requests and customize your form to make it your very own by using our pre-designed templates.

Sign Up Forms

Create signup forms for your newsletter, your next event, or your upcoming program with FormKeep! FormKeep’s signup form templates help you generate potential leads, create email lists and automate your submissions. These signup forms help you capture the most relevant information in the most effective and convenient way! 

Survey Forms

Create engaging surveys with FormKeep’s survey form templates! Whether you’re giving out a survey to your customers or prospects, you can choose from our range of templates or build your own with our intuitive and easy-to-use editor.

What are you waiting for?

All these forms are definitely customizable with your preferred colors that reflect your company and brand. All these form templates allow you to store data in native integrations and applications of your choosing.

Watch out for more form templates to release soon!