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20 Developer Influencer Podcasts and Videos You Should Definitely Check Out

With most of us staying at home and remote work becoming a new normal, the opportunity to learn is never lost on us. There are ways to keep your think tank up-to-date. In our current environment, podcasts and videos are easy to take in. With podcasts, our very own homes are the best locations to listen in. Even Google agrees that Youtube videos are a great way to learn at home as well. 

But with over 850,000 podcasts and countless Youtube videos on the internet, which ones should we check into especially when it comes to web development? Well, lucky for you we have a neat list of podcasts and Youtube channels for you to choose from. 

Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

Beyond the fun name that tickles our inner kid remembering how we smash into our action figures, this podcast explores design, development, and business of great software. Every week Thoughtbot host’s Chad Pytel and Lindsey Christensen are joined by experienced developers and designers in creating and nurturing products we end up loving! 

Envato Tuts+

Updated daily, you can discover almost 21,000+ Youtube videos in their channel to help you learn skills like code, photography, web design and more! Want to build an app, a website, or learn design? You can check out their list of free how-to tutorials and video courses. They also cover how to use tools such as Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Sketch, and WordPress. Learn from the masters and master the fundamentals of web design and UX!  


Being a full stack means that you’re an all-arounder, developing softwares for both client and server needs. In addition to having to master HTML and CSS, you also need the know-how on programming a browser via languages like JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or work programs on a server via PHP and Python. This can be quite overwhelming, which is why keeping up-to-date is important for a developer. Hosted by Adam Wathan, this podcast definitely is worth a listen. FullStack Radio helps interested developers build great software products, and understand what are the changes in the day to day with the rapidly changing code. 

The Coding Train

It’s easy to get on-board this education express run by Dan Shiffman. Not only does the Coding Train create fun and creative coding Youtube video tutorials, they also fostered a friendly growing community that is open to helping each other get through fun coding challenges and starting their journey into coding. Their insightful content ranges from the basics of programming languages like JavaScript to algorithmic art, machine learning, simulation, generative poetry, and more. Wouldn’t miss this train if I were you. Choo choo!

Shop Talk Show

If you’re more into the interactive approach, this weekly live podcast is definitely something you should do some window shopping in. Shoptalk hosts Dave Rupert (a lead developer at Paravel) and Chris Coyier (founder of CSS-Tricks and co-founder of CodePen), talk shop and answer questions submitted by listeners about front end web design, development and UX. 


Experience is the best teacher, and what better way to learn by hearing about personal experiences on web development? Get your level ups from experienced Full Stack Developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, who do a deep dive into their craft and talk about their own experiences with code in tasty segments. 


We all want the tea! At least, the latest updates and stories on the realm of developers. And DeveloperTea gives us heartwarming discussions on positive influence, purpose, and excelling in one’s work in code. Hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, the podcast keeps you engaged and thinking about how much your programming has made an impact in the world of advancing tech.

Front End Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love having a get-together with a few drinks? Front End Happy Hour does just that, and adds a discussion from a variety of topics for frontend development, software development, and career development. The podcast consists of a regular group of panelists from Silicon Valley companies such as Ryan Burgess and Jem Young from Netflix, Stacey London from Atlassian, Augustus Yuan from Twitch, and Mars Jullian from Airbnb.

Derek Banas

Having a decade of experience making educational videos, Derek Banas has Youtube video tutorials made on request that are dedicated to getting your think tank going! If you’d like to learn more about code, learn something new, his videos on Python, C++, and Java are well worth your viewing time. (He also has videos on how to play Dungeons and Dragons and making crochet hats!) 


Looking to know more about Javascript? This weekly podcast discussion on the front and back ends go through best programming practices, ideal environments for coding, and the communities related to the superb code. Co-hosted by Charles Max Wood (who also hosts other neat podcasts in, each week has a new guest that ventures into JS, giving more insight and what else is in store for the code. 

Dev Ed

Just how creative you can be? Dev Ed says as much as you can be! 

He provides a different spin in learning web development and web design tools through his fun Youtube videos filled with personality. He provides tips with a bit of humor which makes you stick around until the end. You can also check out his creative Javascript courses, and find out that programming doesn’t have to be boring! 

Fun Fun Function

The host’s high energy and engaging content is what made this Youtube channel to the list! Mattias Petter Johansson, or mpj for short, shared lots of insights on how to break into the field of software development and progressing your programming craft. However, mpj did stop making videos a few weeks back and is moving on to making a bigger impact with his involvement in a mental health startup called Mindler. Still, there’s still a lot in this Youtube channel to keep your interest in having a career in programming. 


Focusing on learning what it is you need to become a profitable developer, CodingPhase gives advice for working on skills that are in high demand. This  allows you to make your own independent online living. Practicality and landing the job is the name of the game, and host Joe Santos gives you the lowdown so you don’t waste your time and resources working on your next coding project! 


Looking for no-nonsense software development? This Youtube channel run by RTC may provide you an education without beating around the bush. Based on real world scenarios and applications, RealToughCandy isn’t for learning how to code. They focus on having you learn software development processes instead of implementations. By providing contexts and highly valuable problem-solving tools, you can level up, land a job and get a raise. 

Code Newbie

If you’re new to all things coding and web-development, CodeNewbie Podcast is the best go-to for podcasts. Host Saron Yitbarek (creator of Disco) opens her platforms to guests weekly and talk about their journey into code, their firsts, victories, triumphs, losses, experiences and more. Definitely worth a listen for encouragement, inspiration, and explore the diversity within the industry. 

React Podcast

For developers that want to specialize in React and learn the pros and benefits, this podcast is for you! Since the breakout of the open-source JavaScript library, building user interfaces has never been this easy. Michael Chan (known to his listeners as chantastic) gives us the details and insights, reacting to React’s fast, scalable, and simple use today.


When you acquire a set of skills, the only way forward is mastery and proficiency. This is what The Net Ninja promotes and encourages with fellow web developers to work on their titular coding black belts. JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, HTML are just some of the tutorials they cover in their rising Youtube channel. 


Some of us might not have the time to listen in or check videos as often as we could, so this monthly podcast is perfect for all types of developers. Hosted by professional programmers Allen Underwood, Joe Zack and Michael Outlaw, they talk about everything under the sun from performance, database implementations and patterns in designs. There are plenty of object-oriented programming tips you can get from their many episodes. 

Stefan Mischook

There’s something endearing about someone who’s been doing code for more than ten years and is actively helping teachers teach web design and programming in the classrooms. Stefan Mischook  teaches code (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python) and makes it fun for both teachers and students. With his videos, you can definitely learn a thing or two with not just learning code, but learning how to teach code as well.


It’s alright to want profit for your hard work in code, but these guys take it to a whole new level. Their goal:  to help people learn to code for free. freeCodeCamp accomplishes this by creating thousands of Youtube videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons – all freely available to the public. It takes a village, as the saying goes, and this open source community made it possible for you to learn without the paywall.