Top 10 FormKeep Zapier Apps

Setting up workflows for a digitalized workspace should be easy. Running a company doesn’t stop at a business idea; Businesses require knowledge of various aspects of running a business, as well as the patience to learn how to do them all, before delegating different aspects to the right people. Sometimes, delegation must be done through the right tools, which is playing a growing integral role now that everything is moving to the technological space.

When it comes to allowing technology to do some of your work for you, automation software such as Zapier is one of the best choices out there. Zapier is a convenient tool that allows you to connect two applications and automate processes that would otherwise be too time-consuming and labor-intensive. And connecting a service like FormKeep with a wide range of applications can further simplify work processes for you.

Here are some of the top applications that connect with FormKeep for their workflows.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet tool that is easily accessible from your browser, no application installation required. It’s connected to all of Google’s other tools, making it part of a convenient and well rounded workflow. Connecting FormKeep with Google Sheets lets you organize all the data collected on FormKeep easily into a spreadsheet without requiring you to enter all that data manually.


Slack is a messaging app that is used specifically in workplace settings. Its features are tailor made for communication within an organization, and makes it easy to send messages and collaborate on projects with the right people. FormKeep can be used to chat on Slack, but can also be used to perform other tasks like create channels and reminders.


MailChimp is a popular email marketing tool that is mostly used to send business newsletters to members of a mailing list. Its simple user interface makes it popular among budding entrepreneurs, while its extensive range of features is well received by more seasoned professionals. You can add new subscribers to your mailing list using a submission on FormKeep or even update details about existing members.


Trello is a well known productivity tool that helps teams keep track of their work projects, update the statuses of projects, assign tasks and a lot more, from a single online platform. Its layout allows you to see everything about all existing projects, at a single glance. Zapier’s most popular connection of these apps allows you to create new cards on Trello from a submission on FormKeep.

Sales Force

Known specifically for its extensive range of features, SalesForce is a customer relationship management platform that makes remote working extremely convenient. It comes with an online training course that helps you demystify the potentially confusing layout of the software, allowing you to learn how to organize your communication effectively. Connecting FormKeep with SalesForce lets you update new Leads using FormKeep submissions, and create new contacts and opportunities.


Intercom is a business messaging platform used by sales, marketing and support teams all over the world, and is known for helping its clients provide proactive customer service. Not only can you send messages via submissions on FormKeep, but you can also create and update users on the messaging platform.


Having a simple tool to help you keep all your projects on track can be a godsend especially when you’re juggling a lot at once. Basecamp is an application that hopes to be that godsend. With three different levels of software to choose from based on your specific needs, it uncomplicates task delegation and completion. Zapier can connect your FormKeep application with Basecamp 2 as well as Basecamp 3, and let you automate processes such as creating projects.

Help Scout

Help Scout is used by businesses of all sizes, and offers customer service platforms that makes business-to-customer communication less of a hassle. From small businesses to fast-growing startups, Help Scout has been facilitating conversation between customers and companies without a hitch, and you can use this software in connection with FormKeep to create new conversations.


PipeDrive is available as a web application as well as a mobile app, making it a great option for business owners who are constantly on the go. It is a customer relationship management software with features that are designed to boost your productivity. Zapier’s integration of PipeDrive and FormKeep is most popularly used to automate the process of creating Deals using submissions.


An inside sales CRM of choice for SMBs and startups, Close has a flexible and rich API that allows you to customize any component for customer interactions such as calls, emails sends to help close more deals. Zapier allows you to integrate this sales platform with FormKeep, letting you automate several actions such as the creation and storing of sales leads.


Arguably the most widely used social media platform in existence, Twitter is the go-to spot for finding out what’s going on in the world in real time. It is also a place where we can voice out opinions, with a limit of 280 characters. Believe it or not, you can automate Tweeting through FormKeep too! is an automated messaging platform which allows you to craft well thought out messages and emails, and send them to the right people in order to boost your business. Although it’s aimed at tech-savvy marketers, its wide range of features and allowance for creativity makes up for what may seem like a complicated interface. FormKeep allows you to create and update Customers using form submissions. Moreover, when these apps are further connected with Webhooks by Zapier, it also lets you format responses and send data.

Quick Question!

Have you used any of these apps for your own business? Or are you considering some of these services for your company? Regardless, you can use Zapier to increase the efficiency of these processes, leaving you with more time to build and create, two things that every business owner is better off focusing on. Part of being a successful business owner lies in knowing what can be done solely by you, and what can be left to the able hands of automation software. Link your apps using Zapier today!