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Top 10 FormKeep Integrately Apps

In an increasingly digitizing world, running a company requires more and more knowledge and use of technology and, specifically, online applications. While some may have the knack of using these gizmos to their advantage, many people find it difficult to keep track of everything. Such people usually require help using these apps, or something to simplify the process so they can focus on the things that really matter to them, or require their attention. 

This is where Integrately comes in. 

Integrately is an automation software that lets you connect various apps with each other and increase efficiency, and is popular for its affordable price ranges. It contains most of the basic apps that one might require to run a business, and offers several pre-made integrations that you can activate with a single click. Formkeep is a tool that lets you build and design web forms and stores the data in the cloud for easy access. It’s a popular and versatile tool that lets you avoid having to write your own backend for receiving form posts.

Here are some of the apps that can be connected to FormKeep via Integrately:


Chatwork is a global messaging app that is primarily used in business settings because of the special features it offers to its users.  FormKeep helps you use the app seamlessly, to perform tasks like sending messages, creating rooms and creating tasks.


Pipedrive is available as a web application as well as a mobile app, and offers customer relationship management services. Integrating FormKeep and Pipedrive lets you create entries in the system such as Persons, Organizations and Deals, while also keeping track of Notes.


Messaging and customer communication across the world is made easy with MessageBird’s convenient API platform. Formkeep uncomplicates your workflow even further by allowing you to create contacts as well as send messages, all with a single click.


Another customer relationship management app (as evidenced by the name), WealthboxCRM is another popular platform, predominantly used by professionals working in finance. Integrately allows you to connect your FormKeep with Wealthbox CRM in order to Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks and Notes easily.


CompanyHub is a highly customizable service that boasts a “#NoCode CRM” that’s “as easy as excel”. It’s a system that’s catered towards sales teams, and helps manage leads and pipeline activity. FormKeep further uncomplicates the process by letting you perform a whopping six tasks all in one place: creating Contacts, Deals, Tasks, Notes, Companies and Records.


Insightly is a customer relationship management software with a wide range of choices to suit individual business needs, regardless of the size or the industry they operate in. Integrately connects FormKeep with this flexible service to let you create new Tasks and Opportunities and keep track of Contacts and Organizations.


An extremely popular productivity tool, Clickup is a web application that allows you to manage all your projects in a single space, and track the progress of each one with zero confusion. Integrately connects FormKeep to create Tasks easily on ClickUp, and also lets you create a wide range of integrations as per your specific needs.


SalesFlare is highly acclaimed for its unmatched ease of use. It is well known for requiring the least possible input from users, and being one of the most time-saving CRMs out there. Connecting this platform with Formkeep lets you automate the creation of Opportunities and Tasks, and keep track of your Contacts on the system as well as the Organizations they come from.


ActiveCampaign is a marketing tool that automates several sales and marketing processes that happen behind the scenes. It is a platform that comes under the Customer Experience Automation category, and is widely popular among marketing professionals worldwide. FormKeep can help you create new Campaigns on the platform and create and keep track of other vital details like Deals, Accounts and Contacts.


HubSpot’s mission is seemingly simple: to help companies grow better. It offers various services from CRM software to marketing tools, and lets you perform a wide array of tasks such as creating and managing content, initiating and closing deals, taking customer complaints and automating processes. FormKeep contributes to this by helping you create Contacts, Deals and Companies.


GoToWebinar is a video conferencing software that lets you host online seminars for an audience of up to three thousand viewers. Especially in the pandemic, GoToWebinar has conducted a lot of events and helped speakers across the world connect with their audiences from the comforts of their homes. FormKeep allows you to make entries of Registrants and create Events.

Google Tasks

Arguably one of the most well known apps on this list, Google Tasks is an application that helps you keep track of your schedule by making tasks and reminders. It is also available as an add-on for browsers and a mobile application. FormKeep lets you create Tasks on the app and manage them seamlessly along with the others.


MailJet is a cloud-based email marketing system with a collaborative editing feature that is great for team projects. It provides email delivery and tracking services, and is used for marketing and transactional emailing. With a FormKeep integration, you can easily send emails and SMSs, as well as create Contacts.

The Takeaway

Connecting your apps with a form automation system such as FormKeep is a great way to make the nitty gritty details of communications and business management a breeze. Especially if you’re a startup and still getting the hang of things, Integrately is perfect for you because it simplifies processes that might otherwise have you pulling your hair out. Its wide range of available apps ensures that you have everything you would ever need to get automated. Sign up for a FormKeep today and use Integrately today! Watch as technology does your work for you while you sit back and enjoy some well-deserved time off.