Web Development

Creating a donations page with FormKeep

The standard for payments on the web these days is Stripe. It offers a very easy way for designers and developers to collect credit card payments on any website. At FormKeep we strive to make it very easy to collect form submissions from any website too. If you want to collect some extra data from […]

Marketing Web Development

Announcing and File Upload Support

  We’re excited to share our new partnership with! Many of our customers ask us how to upload images or pdfs from their html forms. They’re looking to capture resumes or pictures of problems with their products. Uploading samples of their portfolio or even small videos for contests. Managing file uploads across different browsers […]


Here’s Why Your Opt-Ins are Unsubscribing (And How to Fix It)

Are your email opt-ins unsubscribing at an alarming rate? Here’s what you need to do to fix it ASAP.


How to Use Integrations to Save You Time Every Day

Using integrations can save you time on mundane daily tasks, remove human error from the equation, and improve team communication.