FormKeep EduLog #5: FormKeep and Real Estate: Best Buds

A case study on how a real estate broker can use web forms  Welcome Back! Over the past four weeks we’ve built up your web form infrastructure. From protecting it against spam and integrating your G Suite account to running your own email campaign, you’ve become a FormKeep pro. Indeed, our fictional small business, the […]

Web Development

Guide to Styling HTML Forms

One of the most appealing things about using form backend solutions like FormKeep is that, as a web designer or web developer, you can focus your energy on user experience and functionality. You can avoid the burden of building and maintaining your own backend infrastructure. A large number of our customers choose FormKeep over other […]

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Build a Website and Add a Form

Are you looking to launch a new website? Not sure where to start? Or looking for some creative inspiration before you dig in? Check out this article about 15 Addicting Web Design Guides To Get You Hooked. Sooner or later, after you dig in, you’ll likely reach a point that you want to collect data […]