Marketing Update/News

SMS Notifications for your forms: Do it with Salesmsg!

FormKeep has great solutions for notifying you about sales leads from your website. Everything from automatically sending emails and notifications to you and your team, to native integrations that send the message directly to the right Slack channel, FormKeep provides many ways of notifications and ways to reach out to your leads. But there are […]


FormKeep EduLog #4: Integrations Galore

Using FormKeep’s Google Sheets integrations to leverage your data So, you now have your web form which you’ve thoroughly spam-protected, and you’re sending email campaigns to your contact list. What’s next now that you have all of this data pouring in and out of your business 24/7? Analysis of course! We used to all have […]

Web Development

Sample “Contact Us” Form Template You Can Customize

At FormKeep, we make it easy to use your own form HTML and use our backend to capture, store and process your data. In this example, we have developed a simple Contact Us template that includes the following elements: First Name, Last Name, Email, Subject and Newsletter Subscription Checkbox. Below the Submit button you can […]