Integrations Update/News

FormKeep Integrates with Integrately!

Working different types of work applications often take up a lot of time, leaving very little for you to actually handle your business. Most applications require attention and efforts to make sure that it’s properly used for your business.

Wondering how you could handle all workloads better? Integrations make that happen.

Integrations are built on APIs (application programming interface) that allow for the flow of information between apps, connecting your software together so everything can be used at the same time. Be it cloud-based or on-premise business applications, integrations are a way of coordinating and automating business processes, allowing for improvement in productivity all across the various parts of your business. 

With third-party apps like Integrately, integrations improve your current work system functionalities by providing features which allow you to automate processes through triggers and complete a wide range of tasks, enhancing your overall business workflows and processes. 

In an era of digitalization, big data, and never-ending technology solutions, integrations are a way of streamlining and centralizing the data your business needs to make informed, calculated decisions.

Introducing Integrately

We’ve recently partnered up with Integrately as our newest native integration! Looking in our app integrations page, we’ve offered solutions for you to quickly connect the apps and webtools you use for your business to FormKeep. Now you can connect data submitted via forms on the web to all kinds of applications and workflows that reside in places like SlackGoogle Docs and other CRMs. You can use Integrately to connect with your FormKeep data via codeless integrations. This will automatically send information from one tool to another, so you’ll spend less time transferring data manually between apps, and you can dedicate more of your time and focus on the bigger picture.

How Integrately works with FormKeep

Now that FormKeep has over 1,000 integrations, you can choose your favorite tools and easily integrate them with FormKeep through Integrately! Check out Integrately‘s awesome Youtube video tutorial on how to integrate FormKeep with apps like Google Sheets.

Integrately does what you need, and more! They help integrate your applications with more than 300 other applications. All you need to do is select your applications and decide the flow of data from one application to another. You can integrate not 1, not 2, but a number of applications and connect relevant data you use for your business in an instant!

Try out Integrately and integrate your apps and FormKeep today!