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FormKeep 2021 in Review

Happy New Year! 🎉

2021 has come and gone, and a lot has happened in terms of growth and changes. Despite the continuing struggles with the new normal, we’ve tirelessly worked behind the scenes to improve our services and work towards providing better solutions for your form needs!

We’ve been taking in all the great feedback from our clients from varied industries and have been regularly releasing new features and improvements in our UI. We are thankful for the opportunities to better FormKeep and we’ve highlighted the more interesting changes in the year 2021 driven by your needs. Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming! Please send anything you’re looking forward to seeing in 2022 to

New and Improved Plans

FormKeep now offers a great Free Plan when you sign up. You don’t have to spend a dime to get started on your web forms and it even includes our Form Designer feature.

We’ve retained our Essential, Professional, and Premium Plans, each of them rated at an affordable price per month. We’ve made a thorough and clear breakdown on what features you get with each plan on the Pricing page, with upgraded file attachments, data retention, more email contacts, improved segmentation, and phone support.


Spam Protection 2.0

Protecting your forms from spam and making sure you get the right data is of utmost importance to us. This is why we’re happy to share about FormKeep’s Protection 2.0 which allows you to fine-tune your email fields and message fields. Field Validations and Rules are an added value to avoid incomplete data from empty fields in your form.

Upgrades to Spam Protection engine include required and unique value you can set under Field Validation settings. Another is a filtering system for misspelled domains, and the Akismet feature, which allows filtering of comments, trackbacks, and contact form messages. This feature allows FormKeep to combine information about spam captured on all participating sites, and then using those spam rules to block future spam. You can also track them within FormKeep, which provides tracking that you can create reports out of.

Google Account Login Authentication

To help better protect your account, we’ve added a verification system for your sign in where you can authenticate using your Google account. This also allows an easier sign up process that connects your email to your FormKeep account.

Field Rules

Field Rules allow you to show or hide fields based on how someone has filled out other fields in the form. This allows you to customize the experience of people filling out your form, making sure they only see fields relevant to them.

FormKeep has created field rules that allow for more personalized collection you wish to get from your prospects. You can hide and show fields, redirect them to a specific website, and direct certain submissions with specific notifications. Connected to the improved Spam Protection, you can set certain data values to be labeled as spam for certain fields as well. You can see the Field Rules in action in a recent case use for multiple languages.

Email Campaigns

With the introduction of single email campaigns in 2020, we went a step further and created a way for you to fully customize the emails you send to your contact lists. Our Email Designer allows you to create Email Templates for your branding, from color palettes to image uploads (with access to stock images for a quick setup), you have the power to customize the message your patrons receive and have it follow a workflow of up to a three-day campaign!


Beyond adding 200+ more applications that you can connect your forms to, we’ve updated the UI to setup the Zapier integration that’s more streamlined to add your favorite apps!

We’ve also added another native integration that allows you to seamlessly set up your workplace applications to your FormKeep forms. FormKeep has partnered up with Integrately to better improve your current work system functionalities by quickly connecting the apps and webtools you use for your business to FormKeep. You can check out our list of integrations through Integrately and start integrating your apps today!

Quality of Life changes

Updated Form Designer

The Form Designer had some big changes since 2020, but we’ve further updated the tool with expanded Field Types (Email, Date, Time, Phone, Hidden) as well as a way for you to view your form live. Changing themes are also viable within the Form Designer, as well as exporting your designed form for Wistia.

Easier Form Setup

We want to make sure that you didn’t have to go through a lot of hoops and loops just to get started on your forms. From the moment you sign up, we ask what form you need and immediately get your form up and running from the many many templates we’ve got lined up for you to choose from!

We’ve made also some changes in the UI, sorting the sections to specific tabs dedicated to each feature allowing for a more defined way of access. For example, Form Settings has sub-sections for Field Rules, Redirect, and Field Validation, instead of it being in one place.

FormKeep’s new and improved UI also allows you to set up Timezones, as well as viewing and collecting Submissions Results from your forms within the designer.

Support/Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is important because it provides information about a service to a person or organization who is seeking for it. Which is why FormKeep created its own Support site covering all things FormKeep!

We wanted to better address your needs beyond just a simple help desk by giving a proper and thorough coverage of product documentation and advanced guides. FormKeep aims to not just address the marketing and business aspect, wanting to extend a hand to web designers and programmers looking into specific custom code for their own website and data collection needs. We aim to constantly update the Support site as we continuously improve and update features within FormKeep.

To be Continued…

We continuously work to improve our platform, these are just the top features we’ve got going that were driven by our customers. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and continued support!

Please let us know what else you’d like to see in 2022 at!