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FormKeep 2020 in Review

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. Despite this, we continued to work behind the scenes preparing for a new year ahead! 
We’ve been listening to all the great feedback from our clients and we have been regularly releasing new features and improvements. We are thankful for the opportunities to better ourselves, and we’ve highlighted the more interesting changes in the year 2020 driven by your needs. Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming! Please send anything you’re looking forward to seeing in 2021 to

New Homepage

All the constant improvement to the site has lead to this successful new design of the website! We’ve decided to revamp the homepage, and we’re quite happy after months of designing and work on how it turned out! We’ve made sure to add all the details the moment you open up, and the slick new design helped us get everyone that visits to view the important information: everything from features, pricing, everything you need to get to know FormKeep! 

We make constant improvements to the site every month, these are just the top feature requests that were driven by our customers. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and continued support.

Email Campaigns

One of the biggest features FormKeep released in 2020 is Email Campaigns! Beyond the ability to format automatic response emails with information from the submissions, we’ve added more features so you can collect email addresses and start emailing your contacts right away. 

FormKeep provides a simplistic solution for your email marketing. You can create campaigns with validated senders and advanced liquid tags to display in submission emails. With Email Campaigns you can also track email sends, opens, clicks from submissions. 


In other updates related to notification emails, we’ve added a Monthly Email usages (other than daily and per submission email notifications). You also have the ability to resend email and webhooks for a submission.

Affiliate Program

We’re approaching 100 affiliates since the start of launch! FormKeep created an affiliate program as a way to support our partners and open opportunities to high commission rates by promoting the web form platform. Our affiliate program also opens doors to web design and development influencers to start earning as well! 

Thank you to affiliates who have taken a part of our program, we’re happy with the growth given that we’ve only started around the second quarter of 2020 on this venture. We’re looking forward to more affiliates this coming 2021! 

New Plans!

FormKeep now has a free plan! You can still go through the 7-day free trial to try out our other plan from Essential, Professional, and Premium, to see what fits your business needs. Each of them is rated at an affordable price per month, with each plan giving Spam Protection to your forms! Our Professional and Premium plans allow for native integrations which can help with your data management, and other apps that can help work with your collected information. 

ActiveCampaign Integration

Speaking of integrations, FormKeep is now integrated with ActiveCampaign! Email marketing remains one of the best marketing options for positive returns on your investment. And with this, you can create beautiful and engaging emails, send them to your segmented subscribers, and see what interactions and reactions occur in real time! 

Server side verifications

Combined with our industry leading spam solutions, we’ve set up a better version of field validations. Validation on the server-side allows you to protect better against spam bots and scripts. We’ve set up field validations: required and unique, to help ensure data integrity and data collection. 

Quality of life changes

We’ve made some changes in the UI, sorting the sections to specific tabs. Compared to the previous UI that had all the sections in one place (for example: Spam, reCAPTCHA, Field Validation, Redirect, Advanced, Wizard were set up to be all seen and scrolled down in Form Settings; now it’s separated sections).  FormKeep sections like Notifications, Integrations, are also sectioned to improve the use of the FormKeep UI. 

Sections for the Account and New Forms tab have a dedicated section on the top right side of the UI.

Everything Else

We continuously work to improve our platform, these are just the top feature requests that were driven by our customers. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and continued support.

Please let us know what else you’d like to see in 2021 at!