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7 Powerful Ways to Use Customer Feedback Forms to Your Advantage

If you want to grow your business, you should start listening to what your customers have to say. Customer feedback can help you make intelligent decisions about creating content, promoting products, and growing your offerings. It helps you identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses.  89% of respondents of a Microsoft survey say that they want […]


The Ultimate Guide to Making The Most of Testimonials And Customer Feedback In Marketing Emails

Reviews and testimonials about a product or service are becoming more and more important, in fact, did you know people are 270% more likely to purchase a product with five or more reviews than a product with none? Testimonials and reviews are essential to create that “trust factor” that customers will be purchasing exactly what […]

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How to Write a Customer Feedback Survey Invitation

Customer feedback can give you valuable intel on what you should and shouldn’t change about your business or website. To get that information first hand from your customers, you need to get them to accept your survey invitation. Spending time on filling the feedback survey isn’t a dream come true for consumers. Therefore, you need […]