FormKeep EduLog #1: Your Web Form Learning Journey

Now let’s try a mock submission. Fill out your form with some test data, and then check the email you set during configuration. Upon submitting, you’ll even see your custom thank-you, if you set one. 

Look at that! No databases to setup, no JavaScript syntax errors to find, no hours spent pulling out hair! Just a simple, cheap, easy to use yet feature-rich web form. In addition to sending you an alert, FormKeep can securely store your form data. You can even pipe these submissions directly to places like Google Sheets or a specific channel in your Slack group so that you and your team can make even better use of this newfound customer communication channel.

Form Enlightenment

Thank you so much for reading this first edition of my FormKeep EduLog! During this first foray into the world of web forms, I’ve learned a ton. For example, 49% of companies using form integration in their business claim it is their greatest lead generator. I’ve also learned that forms can range from the simplest type of contact us page to a custom, ground up, HIPAA-compliant health questionnaire. When it comes to web forms, there’s so much more than what meets the eye. They are powerful tools to engage with your existing customers, generate new leads, and improve your business. I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next edition of the EduLog where we will cover all things spam!